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H e a r i n g   A i d   B a s i c sH e a r i n g    L o s sH e a r i n g   A i d   H i s t o r y
Overview information regarding hearing aids and their purpose generally and navigating this site to find answers specifically. Common causes of hearing loss and typical tests used to determine the extent and severity of hearing loss in an individual.Development of hearing devices over time and the dual trends toward smarter amplification and greater miniaturization.
H e a r i n g   A i d   T y p e sH e a r i n g   A i d   B r a n d sH e a r i n g   A i d   F e a t u r e s
Detailed description ranging from behind-the-ear to invisible-in-the-canal and covering every existing hearing aid type in between. Ranking of the top 10 hearing aid brands based on a combination of consumer reviews, expert assessments, and third party research.Overview of critical features, from remote controls and noise cancellation to directional microphones and speech detection.
H e a r i n g   A i d   C o s t sH e a r i n g   A i d   C o n s i d e r a t i o n sH e a r i n g   A i d   B a t t e r i e s
Rundown of the various costs associated with buying, fitting, and maintaining a new hearing aid, including pricing ranges for brand name models.Various additional considerations that a discerning consumer should take into account when selecting a hearing aid.Description of the primary battery types used in hearing aids and the color coding system used to differentiate among these.
H e a r i n g   A c c e s s o r i e sH e a r i n g   A i d   M a i n t e n a n c eH e a r i n g   A i d   A l l - i n - O n e   G u i d e
Additional accessories available for individuals suffering from hearing loss, from specialized alarm clocks to amplified telephones.Specific instructions regarding the proper way to care for a hearing aid in order to preserve its functionality.Downloadable, comprehensive guide which combines all of the key information about hearing aids in a single e-book.

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